I Compromised

I compromised, I thought whatever you said was right, I compromised, My right was wrong and your wrong was right. I compromised, Let you play with my mind and guilt trip me whenever you did something wrong, I compromised, You made me believe that life only works with what you say and nothing else I … More I Compromised

With You

She said with him it’s real She’s never felt like this before Dated many but loved few She said with him it’s for real She can feel the pressure of his heart Even though he’s so far far away She said with him it’s real She see’s her tears never returning Only for happy moments … More With You


Something that can turn your world upside down and make you not know what your future hold for you, when you carry on with this addiction it basically robs you of your identity.  The addiction that makes you feel like you need to love that person and you can’t do nothing without them, the addiction … More ADDICTION

Love So Beautiful

Love so Beautiful, love so sweet, we both understand each other When leaving you, your smell lingers On my clothes Your kisses heal my heart that was Once broken, Your touch mends the tears that Once appeared on my face. You assured me that your love is forever mine Your smile makes me feel beautiful … More Love So Beautiful


Romans 8:9 However, you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belonging to Him. Imagine not belong to God imagine living a life without Christ all you would say is I can’t … More Spiritual


There are times when your sins weigh you down making you feel, as if you have lost faith in what you truly believe in. but because of your ignorance  you decide to ignore, what the voice in your head is saying and instead you start seeking for what the body wants. The body that craves … More LUST

Depression Is Real!!!

Everyday we hear about depression what is depression? well Today @Pellentini came to Twitter to talk about depression this is what he tweeted do you agree? and what do you think about this topic. People come to Twitter to discuss what they feel about this situation  @teefash01 said that there should be more metal homes … More Depression Is Real!!!